Apple-Spinach Juice

I’ve come across plenty of green juice recipes that involve all kinds of ingredients. This one keeps it super-simple and tastes absolutely delicious! You can play with the ratio of spinach to apple to make your juice tarter (more apple) or milder (more spinach.)

Packed with vitamins A and C, calcium and iron, this fresh juice is a great natural source of energy, as your bod can absorb the vitamins and minerals almost immediately. I suggest drinking some first thing in the morning or right after a workout.

Ingredients (1 large glass)
2 medium granny smith apples
1 10-oz bag fresh spinach

Wash and dry produce and core apples. Give everything a whirl in your juicer and enjoy right away.

Creamsicle Juice

If you buy a juicer and use it once to make a glass of this juice, it would totally be worth the investment (you’d also be crazy, but hey, I’m not here to judge.) When Santa delighted me with my new favourite appliance last Christmas, I totally went overboard, spending a fortune on produce and juicing everything I could get my hands on like a madwoman. Alas, the honeymoon couldn’t last; I’ve scaled down my fresh juice addiction to accommodate my budget by treating myself on the weekends.

Juicing extracts the fibery pulp from produce. Fiber is the part of fruits and vegetables that fills you up; because you’re not consuming the fiber, it’s easy to put away 4 or 5 servings of fruits or vegetables by drinking one glass of juice (you still have to eat whole fruits and veggies, though, or your heart and digestive tract will be very sad.) Your body can process the high concentration of nutrients in fresh juice very quickly because of the absence of fiber, so it’s kind of like freebasing vitamins-a perfect thing to do first thing in the morning; it’ll wake you right up and your body will be ready to start the day!

Orange fruits & veggies are high in vitamin C, so this is a great tonic to make if you feel a cold coming on. Ginger is a great tummy-settler and makes this juice taste amazing. If you’re very sensitive to sugar, this recipe might not be for you, as both carrots and oranges are pretty high in sugar. Low-sugar veggies like spinach help counteract the high content in other produce, so sugar-sensitive people might want to consider my other favourite juice concoction: 3 cored granny smith apples and 1/2 a 6-oz. bag of fresh spinach leaves. MMMM!

Ingredients (serves 2):
3 valencia oranges, peeled & halved
6-8 carrots, peeled, ends cut off
1-1/2″ piece fresh ginger, peeled

…juice it up, y’all!