I just came across this article on The 8 Worst Sandwiches in America, and I had to share it with y’all (check out the all-time winner, which packs FOUR DAYS’ worth of fat!)

I love that restaurants are now required to make their nutrition facts available, but I’m usually not prepared for the results. Recently, my go-to lunch when I don’t have time to pack has been Au Bon Pain’s hummus wrap; I recently discovered that this seemingly healthy sammy (hummus, lettuce, feta, olives, cucumbers, and sundried tomatoes) has 600 calories and…are you ready? 30 grams of fat! Turns out it’s actually one of the most fattening things on their menu; looks can be deceiving, eh? The lesson here is to do your homework and, perhaps most importantly, pay attention to portion size! I’m a food fanatic who finds it impossible NOT to clean my plate regardless of how full I am, so I’m working on not overloading it in the first place.

One of my favourite things to do is create healthier, do-it-myself versions of the not-so-healthy things I like to eat. My Greek Goddess Wrap is lower-fat, veggified version of my Au Bon Pain nemesis. What’s your favourite sandwich? Does it need a healthy makeover too? If so, lay it on me!