Once upon a time, about five thousand years ago, there lived a beautiful Incan princess. Everyone called her Princess Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) because she would eat nothing but her namesake, also referred to by her people as the Mother Grain. This ancient grain is considered by many to be the perfect food as it is a complete protein, very low in fat, and loaded with fiber, iron and riboflavin (aka vitamin B2) Princess Quinoa’s love affair with the delicious grain made her strong, smart and beautiful (and if only she had supplemented her diet with some fruit, veggies and dairy, she just might have lived forever!)

Quinoa often slips under our radar, but no more, ladies and gentlemen! This wheat- and gluten-free grain makes it friendly for those with celiac disease and those who chose not to eat gluten for other reasons. Quinoa’s high content of iron and protein make it an invaluable staple for vegans and vegetarians. Its shape is similar to that of couscous, but it sprouts when cooked, giving it just a bit of a crunch.

This week, we’ll be paying homage to this glorious grain by posting a different recipe each day involving quinoa. If you have some time this evening, stock up on quinoa, beans (any kind you like; I prefer black,) corn, and veggies and make a big ol’ pot of quinoa to dip into all week long for quick lunch-packing and easy post-work dinner-making. And check back every day for the quinoa recipe du jour! Tonight, try quinoa-stuffed peppers They come with my carnivorous boyfriend’s stamp of approval!