Sup yiz’all! HGC is back from Spain, where I chilled mad hard with mi familia for the last three weeks. I was hoping to bring some ideas back with me for the kitchen-you know, some healthified Spanish eats to share with my dear readers-but it turns out that Spain didn’t work with me much to that end. “Ensalada” seems to be Spanish for “ham and cheese drenched in olive oil”. We did manage to find a few vegetarian restaurants in Madrid and Toledo, which were the only spots where we found our holy grail, the Leafy Green Vegetable. In fact, at Madre Tierra in Toledo (where we ate two nights in a row cause we couldn’t get enough!), I had an incredible spinach salad topped with-are you ready?-artesanal goat cheese ICE CREAM!

Anyway, happy new year everybody! I’m looking forward to catching up with my bad self in the kitchen, and excited to share some new recipes with you, so stay tuned!